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" You can't escape anymore! " was what I had shouted to my evil counterpart.

And she responded back with: " You'll be the one not escaping! ".

The chase led all of us to an abandoned steel mill that looked like it could fall apart at any moment.

Once inside, the fight began again. My evil counterpart was desperate to gain the upper hand against me. But in every part of the way that she could during the fight, I knew that I just couldn't let her do so.

That would have most definitely been a TERRIBLE mistake.

My evil counterpart tried everything against me. She even cursed at me and even scorned and made fun of me and my family and friends.

She denounced all of us as: " unwholesome human garbage ".

I didn't let those words interfere with my settling of the conflict.

And besides, I knew just exactly where my evil counterpart was about to be heading off to.


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