After some searching, I had managed to find a black leather wallet in the back pocket of the killer's black jeans. I opened it up, looking for some sort of identification. And to my horror, I had found out that not only did the face on the picture of the killer's ID card looked very much like mine, I also saw the words, " Jeffrey Alan Woods " printed on it as well. When I saw it, I was frightened and confused. I had questions racing through my mind that were too much to ignore. Since when did I become a serial killer? Since when did my skin become white as snow? How did I end up a serial killer? And most importantly...Why?

The WHY was the part that had bothered me the most.

I didn't want to know any more at that moment. Frightened, I dropped the killer's ID and wallet back onto the ground and ran. I did NOT want to be here any longer. I wanted to get out. I ran as fast and far as my feet would take me. But my thoughts were still elsewhere. With the " killer ". Those bullies. The ID card and the perpetual looming questions of HOW? and WHY? But I still ran, trying desperately to escape the dark thoughts and questions that had my mind racing. I ran towards the light, but it was getting darker...and darker...until it got so dark, I couldn't tell were anything was at all. Evil voices were all around me. I could hear them! They're were trying to make me give in to the darkness!


I woke up frightened, shivering, shaking and covered in sweat. When morning came, I told mom about what happened in my nightmare. She was just as terrified and confused as I am. She told me that she had a similar nightmare last night. She was nervous about giving away most of her nightmare's details, but she didn't want to deny it, either. I was reluctant to tell my friends/classmates and my teacher, Miss Caldwell about what had happened in my dream last night. But they knew that I had witnessed something that I wished that I could just forget/unsee and that they all felt my pain. Ever since that fateful discovery in my dream, I've questions that I just can't seem to ignore. Robin and Mary have told me that everything will be alright, though.

I only wished that my brother, Liu was here with me...

-- Jeff Woods


I've had another dream, this week. This time, it showed both me and mommy the truth of why the " killer " bore my name and how it all happened. Apparently, this was supposed to happen when I was in high school and it was supposed to take place when I was 13 years old. It felt like something out of Charles Dickens's A Christmas Carol ( one of my favorite books to read ) and that the Ghost of Christmas Yet To Come had arrived to set things straight ( and for a good reason, too ).

I'll try to explain as much as I can.

It all started with my family ( all four of us ( Me, Liu, Mom and Dad ) ) moving out to a new house in what seemed like a nice, quiet neighborhood. However, there was something about us that As mom and I were watching, we noticed that the attitudes of our would-have-been future selves had changed. While neither of us found anything wrong with Liu's behavior, our parents looked like they didn't care anymore and my future self looked and felt miserable. And there was a good reason for that as well. I don't want to cover all the details ( it would be too much, anyway ), so I will only write about the more important details about our vision.

And this is where Randy Warren and his friends show up. Those bullies that Mom and I have seen in our recent nightmares did in fact exist in real-life. Mom and I saw them make me and my big brother's lives a living nightmare. He said that he owned this neighborhood and that " newbies " were not allowed to live in it. It all went downward from there...and then...there came the time where after taking too much future self snapped...and returned the favor...getting revenge in the process.

Retaliating was the only solution that my would-be future self would think of. I saw him beat up Randy like there was no tomorrow. He wanted Randy to hurt like he did. Liu's would-be future self was shocked when he saw this...mess. No matter what he did, he could never get Randy and his gang to stop bullying us. And so, my future self had to do what Liu's future self didn't want to do. By the time it was over, Randy was flat on the ground, beaten and bleeding. And when the police came, Liu took the blame and was sent to the JDT. My future self shouted out to him telling him to tell them that he himself was the one who beat up Randy. It was all in vain. All for nothing.

I cried when Mommy and I saw my older brother's would-be future self get taken away by the police. No matter how much I shouted out to the bullies and the police, they never heard me. We both knew this was a vision of a would-be future, so it made sense that no one could hear us when we spoke out to them and that this part of space and time was erased for all time. Mommy held me her arms when we saw what had happened. She could feel the pain that was our would-have-been future.

But the dream was still far from over...