It all went downhill from there.

I don't want to discuss what had happened after Liu's would-have-been future self had been taken to prison. It's all too depressing to explain what my ceased-to-be future self had went through with Liu behind bars. I don't want to discuss how Mommy felt when she saw what was going on, either. So, I'm just gonna fast-forward to the birthday party at the next-door neighbor's house that my would-have-been future self did NOT want to go to, but was forced to go, anyway. This party was mentioned when our no-longer future selves had moved in. The neighbor, Barbara had invited us, apparently. And she told us that we will be there.

She wanted all of us to come.

This was a request that we should have been able to refuse.

It seemed like a nice, innocent child's birthday party like anyone would throw. Young kids playing cowboys and bandits. Jolly preschool/kindergarten music playing. Everything seemed to be having a good time. But my would-be future counterpart still felt scared and miserable just like I felt when I saw what was supposed to happen, but never will. And once again, there was a good reason for that.

The party had came to a chaotic and tragic end when the sounds of gunshots could be heard and once again, Randy and his friends showed up to torment my would-have-been future self once more. This time, they had brought guns with them and were most definitely out for blood. My would-have-been future counterpart's blood.

It all went by so very fast. Randy threw and broke a beer bottle over my future self's head. It shattered...but didn't kill him. That, I believe...was what set him off...and this where, whom from here on out I will refer to as, Jeff The Killer or simply, JTK ( since Mom and I now know all about the killer's identity ) came into fruition.

This is what may have caused the complete loss of JTK's sanity. And so, killing was the only viable solution that he could think of. He had no choice but to fight. It was a bloody and awful fight. Mommy and I tried to call out to the others, telling them that JTK was in danger of being killed. But once again, no one could hear us. Anything that we tried to get the other people's attentions were in vain. Even when we tried to grab another person's arm to get their attention, our hands simply went through them, grabbing nothing but air. All we could do was watch.

And everyone was watching with us when they heard screaming coming from inside the kitchen area.

Everyone watched in horror with us.

As the fight heated up, JTK managed to kill two of the three bullies ( Randy Warren and Troy Green ) in the process. But on the way, he got soaked in alcohol and what seemed like laundry detergent or some kind of bleach and was dripping all over the place. Eventually, he managed to knock out Keith and he laid flat on the kitchen floor. In his dying breath, Keith took out a cigarette lighter...lit it up...and threw it...onto JTK's already bloodstained white hoodie.

JTK was set ablaze. But miraculously, he managed to take the jacket off before the fire could do any real damage. He then threw the burning jacket down at Keith's now-lifeless body, stomped at him a few times and shouted something...very rude and vulgar ( I will NOT speak of it. ) before falling to his knees and screaming in agony. All due to the pain that was inflicted on him by Randy and his friends. When Mommy's would-be future self and all the others finally came rushing in ( We were both surprised that no one came to help when JTK started screaming. ), they were all in shock when they saw that terrible mess. Mommy's future self was in tears when she saw JTK all beaten, bleeding, soaking wet and partially burnt. Paramedics came shortly after to carry JTK to the hospital. They also took Keith's dead body to the morgue.

Now...I was scared. Mommy and I have never seen something so violent and frightening in our lives. And things would only get worse. Mom and I held each other as we climbed into the ambulance heading out to the hospital JTK was taken to. And just as we suspected, the paramedics barely seemed to care that we were in for the ride. I couldn't stop myself from crying and whimpering. Neither could Mommy. Seeing JTK's face after the fight was more frightening to look at than anything else.

For it wasn't just some unfortunate victim's was the face of my could-have been future self.

That face had belonged to me.