I looked back at our could-have-been future ablaze after I saw my could-have-been future self dissappear into the distance.

Now I knew who the " killer " was. Now Mommy knew who the killer was, too. And now...we both knew why the killer looked and acted like some sort of nightmarish monster...and who was responsible for creating the monster...and most importantly...why Liu and Daddy died in that awful car accident. How can I explain what I just saw all this time? I can't. Tell me, what words can describe such awful things?

It was right there and then that we knew the cause of what was behind all of was insanity. It was complete sadness. It was physical abuse, emotional abuse, mental abuse and loss of everything. To put it straight, I was the one driven to insanity.

The " killer " was me. My future self.

Then...the rain came down. I began to cry.

I cried even harder than I had cried before. Mommy and I held each other closer as the rain fell down harder. I remember crying out " PLEASE...PLEASE...PLEASE!!! Don't let this happen to me! I can't bear to live like that!! " as I looked up at Mommy. She was crying, too. We both felt like...the World was crying with us.

MUSIC: (Music from Tenshi no Tamago © Tokuma Shoten)

And then...I heard a familar voice...

" Jeffrey...Mrs. Woods...are you alright? "

It was my next-door neighbor-friend, Robin Weatherbee! He and his sister, Mary came to us and brought an umbrella big enough to shield us from all the rain pouring down on us.

I told Robin what me and Mom had just saw.

" I know. It's a terrible sight to see. I feel your pain. But that's okay. What you and your mom have witnessed doesn't have to happen...because it will never happen. " was what he said.

" It doesn't have to happen? " was what I thought and said when I heard those words that my friend said.

" That's why I came into your life. To give you a better childhood. To save you from the blight of bullying and insanity. I have crossed oceans of time and space to find you. To be with you. To make you happy. To help you make friends and to give you a stronger bond with your family. "

His words couldn't be any clearer.

" But...what about Dad...and my brother, Liu? Will they be alright? " I said.

Robin's sister, Mary responded: " There's no need to worry about them. For they are at peace. Be assured that they have seen what you and your mother have seen. And that they too have seen the truth. They just want you and your mother to be safe from the blight of insanity. They pray that you and your mother will be alright. And that you will not suffer the consequences. They want you to be happy, too. "

Those words...I've never heard such words touch my heart before in my young life. Something had made my soul light up with such hope when it was about to go out. And it was Robin who lit the fire of my soul.

MUSIC:  © Myuuji

As the rain was about to stop and the fire trucks came rushing in, Robin had this to say:

" I surely hope that you will forgive me if I did any harm to you or your family. I, too was sad to see your brother died in that car crash along with your dad. But he will always be with you and that he's never really gone...even in death. "

All four of us shared a hug together. 

And with that, the nightmare was over.

The next morning, I almost didn't feel like getting out of bed after seeing what had happened. At school, I told my teacher, Mrs. Caldwell about my dream after everyone else had left for home. I told her how scared I was when I saw those events that had gone down.

She told me that everything will be alright.

Ever since that nightmare, Mom and I learned from those mistakes that we saw our never-will-be future selves made. The Weatherbee family, my school teacher and my friends helped me and Mom become better people.

I will never forget what Mom and I saw.

Liu...if you are reading this, please understand what Mommy and I are going through. I hope that you'll understand what I meant through my words that even I can't explain. Robin and his family gave up their existence in the future so that he could help us in the past.

He came to save us.

I hope you can understand that.

I miss you...all too much.

-- Jeff Woods ( NOT Jeff The Killer )



Music: © Mike & the Mechanics